Therapy is a large-scale practical medicine, which includes a considerable number of diseases. The physician-therapist deals with the diagnosis of the diseases, the treatment and their prevention. Meanwhile he acknowledges the patient about their causes of emergence. A visit to any medical center starts with the therapeutic cabinet. In case of the emergence of any inexplicable symptoms making you worry like: pain, weakness, decreased work capacity, frequent colds, etc., first of all you need to turn to the physician-therapist or general practice doctor. Doctor-Therapist will help you to determine exactly the amount of examinations needed, to choose the most optimal program of treatment for you and only if necessary will refer you to the appropriate specialized doctor. Our highly-qualified therapist possesses broad knowledge on various spheres of medicine. The experienced therapist will receive and consult patients, will define the scope of necessary examinations and will prescribe efficient and complex treatment.

For registration call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website, sending an online application.

The following diseases are diagnosed and treated in the therapeutic cabinet in "SANUS VITA" medical center:

• Acute and chronic respiratory diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, etc.),

• Arterial hypertension, Hipotonia,

• Primary diagnosis of Renal disease,

• Primary diagnosis of some Blood diseases (anemias),

• Gastrointestinal system diseases (gastritis, colitis, enteritis, duodenal inflammation, peptic ulcer disease, etc.),

• Primary diagnosis of systemic autoimmune diseases,

• Primary diagnosis and treatment of Osteoarticular system diseases. For registration please call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website by submitting your online application. To apply online

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Preliminary Visit Free of charge
Consultation 7000
Repeated Consultation 3000



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