Neurology is sphere in medicine that deals with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The older a person gets, the higher is the probability of occurring of the neurological diseases. Unfortunately, the changes of the rhythm and quality of life (sedentary life, working intensive schedule, daily stresses, etc.) is a result of neurological problems, which even the youth cannot escape. Therefore, in case of neurological symptoms emergence such as: preserving the quality of life, preventing development of diseases and restoring health, one should turn to the neurologist for help. In "SANUS VITA" medical center our doctor-neurologist is ready to provide with high quality neurological treatment. She will help not only to diagnose the cause of the disease, but prescribe the best treatment based on your current health problems and peculiarities of the organism.

You should contact your neurologist, when you have problems connected with: your head, face, back, waist, limbs, pain of the joints, weakening of the sensitivity of the skin in any part of the body, tensions of the muscles, vision, hearing, smell disorders, dizziness, noise in the ears, loss of consciousness, movement coordination disorders, nervous irritability, nervy constrictions, memory and sleep disorders.

If it is necessary, our neurologist cooperates with other specialists: neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, manual therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists etc.

The following Neurological diseases are treated in our center:

• Vegetative diseases of the nervous system

• Motive dysfunctions

•  CNS (Central Nervous System)degenerative diseases

• CNS inflammatory diseases

• CNS chronic vascular diseases

• Musculoskeletal motive system diseases

• Vestibular system Diseases

• Disorders of sleep

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Examination and Consultation 5000
Treatment of diseases of the vegetative nervous system 5000
Treatment of movement disorders 5000
Treatment of Central Nervous System degenerative diseases 5000
Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the CNS 5000
Treatment of vascular diseases of the CNS 5000
Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system 5000
Treatment of the vestibular system 5000
Treatment of sleep disorders 5000
Second visit 3000

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