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In the field of non-invasive diagnostic medicine Ultrasound examination (Sonography) is one of the most informative methods. The accuracy of the research results, the fact that this method does not have any anti indications and it is very available contributes on its being widely used for the diagnosis of various diseases. The ultrasound waves used during the examination are harmless, so it can be performed for multiple times per day (if it is necessary) without harming your health. Ultrasonic testing is used for disease diagnosis, for periodic supervision of pathological process and for evaluating the results of the treatment. The ultrasound diagnostic methods allow us to diagnose diseases more accurately, such as: cardiovascular, digestive, urogenital, many diseases of endocrine systems. It also allows us to receive information about obstetrics gynecology, oncology, neurology and urology. Ultrasound examination allows us to diagnose the disease before clinical symptoms arrive, thanks to this the treatment can be more productive. Received diagnostic ultrasound data complement the other research results like: computer tomography, tomography, X-ray, magnetic- resonance tomography and so on, as well as the results of the clinical condition of the patient can be compared with each other.

"SANUS VITA" medical center is equipped with 3D/4D technology TOSHIBA Aplio 500 ultrasound system, which has innovative technologies of visualization. Aplipure, Aplipure +, Differential THI, Precision Imaging diagnostic methods make it possible to get a clear picture of the internal organs, regardless the visitor`s body characteristics and the depth of deployment of organs. The premium-class Japanese digital ultrasonic diagnostic system TOSHIBA Aplio 500 can be considered the start of a new era in ultrasound diagnosis. The new generation ultrasound devices of Aplio class open wider horizons in ultrasonography. The high quality of visualization, unique functionality, specific features, comfortable design represents Aplio brand in the new level. In addition to the already well-known color and spectral methods of doplerografia, the system also has a unique technology Advanced Dynamic Flow, with the help of which you can get the view of the path of the vessels, even up to capillary network view and this can be made by high dimensional and time analysis. Aplio 500 has special programs for assessment qualitative and quantitative changes in the internal organs.

They are:

• Elastografia (for assessment of the qualitative and quantitative elasticity of the tissue)

• ASQ (Acoustic Structure Quantification) (for assessment of qualitative and quantitative diffused changes in liver)

• Micropure system (for detection of micro kalcinate in breast, thyroid, kidney and other organ)

• Specific programs for echocardiography

For those who want to be examined:

The survey of the abdominal organs is performed only in hungry condition (preferably not to eat for at least 8-12 hours before your examination).

If the examination is performed in the second part of the day, or if the patient who is going to be examined has diabetes, he is allowed to have a cup of tea with a little cake. 2 -3 hours prior to the examination one should exclude food, which are bringing forward inflation in the organism such as: black bread, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, peas, cabbage.

The cleaning clyster is not recommended, if there are no prolonged constipations.

Those who have diseases of digestive system are examined only after performing the appropriate drug therapy, for revealing of intestinal pnevmatoze

Before the examination of the small pelvic organs (uterus, ovary, prostate) the bladder should be well filled. One needs to drink 1 litre not carbonated liquid drinks, water, juice or tea 1.5 -2 hours before the examination.

Abdominal artery duplex examination is carried out after a three-day preparation and the information about that is given to the visitor in clinic in written form.

You do not need any special preparations for the examination of: thyroid glands, breast, lymphatic nodes, soft tissues, upper and lower limb arteries, vessels, brain research and elastography.  To apply online

For registration call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website, sending an online application.

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Ultrasonography of the abdomen and small pelvis 10000
Ultrasonography of the abdomen 7000
Ultrasonography of the female pelvic organs 5000
Ultrasonography of the female pelvic floor and folliculometria 8000
Thyroid gland and parathroid glands 7000
Elastography thyroid and determination 12000
Integrated ultrasound of the abdomen, pelvis, thyroid and parathyroid glands 13000
Ultrasonography of the salivary glands 7000
Ultrasonography of the lymph nodes (the study of the region) (for the study of more than one region:surcharge) 7000

Complex Ultrasonography of the neck (thyroid, parathyroid glands, salivary glands, lymph nodes) 12000
Ultrasonography of the breast 10000
Elastography of the breast and determination of the microcalcifications 12000
Ultrasonography of soft tissue 5000


Arteries and veins of the upper limbs 15000
Arteries and veins of the lower limbs 15000
Abdominal vessels 15000
Extracranial brachiocephalic vessels and transcranial duplex scanning ( for the study of more than one region:surcharge ) 15000

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