If we say that the eyesight is one of the most important senses, it means we said nothing.

Thanks to vision a man is getting 80% information from the environment surrounding him.

Unfortunately, nowadays eye diseases are noticeably widespread. Many factors contribute to this. Especially the universal use of computers has a disastrous impact on our sight. However we will not be able to stay away from the modern routine of life, and in order to keep our eyesight, it is necessary to take care about our eyes. In preventive purposes it is recommended from time to time to visit the ophthaimolog, consult with him and, if necessary, be examined. To those who want to preserve their eyesight or already suffer from eye problems, "SANUS VITA" medical center offers to use quality eye care services. In our center, you will be accepted by the experienced, knowledgeable ophthaimolog, who will examine your visual organ comprehensively, will help to identify the exact cause of the symptoms and will effectively treat and prevent from future formation and development of the disease.

In our medical center there are: ophthaimologic consultation, research of the floor of the eye and various treatments of the inflammatory and infectious diseases of the eye such as: konyuktivit, keratit, blefstit, iridotsiklit, demodekoz etc...

Also we make diagnosis of the inflammatory diseases of the eye in our laboratory and research ordinary herpesi infections, tsitomegalovaraki, khlamidiozi, mikoplazmayi, mushrooms. In cases of Pain in the eyes, kori, heartburn, rapid tiredness, tears, redness you should definitely visit the ophthaimolog.

For registration call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website, sending an online application.

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Address: Yerevan, Kievyan 16

Preliminary Consultation 5000
Examination of the eye-bottom 5000
Measurement of the eye-bottom pressure 3000
Treatment of eye diseases (conjuctivitis, blepharitis, fungal infection, demodecosis, etc) 10000
Reapeted Consultation 3000

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