Gynecology is sphere in medicine that deals with the study of the female reproductive system diseases, their diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Often women turn to gynecologist when painful and unpleasant emotions occur in the female organs. Yet the most dangerous women diseases, are almost without any significant syndrome. But when the symptoms are revealed, it appears that the disease has already spread all over the organism.

Now days the most meeting latent infections are considered to be: klamidioz, mikoplazmoz, ureoplazmoz, herpes, tsitomegalovirus, toksoplazmoz etc. These infections are bringing forward many complications, and one of them is being sterile. Latent diseases are identified by special tests and examinination with the help of the doctor and in case of passing special tests. Therefore, for their prevention, preserving the health of women, for enjoying the happiness of becoming a mother it is desirable, to be regularly examined by a specialist, to consult with her and to reveal the occurrence of the initial stage of their disease, because in that case the treatment of the disease would be a more effective. In “SANUS VITA" medical center the highly qualified and experienced gynecologist will help you in the process of effective treatment and diagnosis of different women's diseases. In our center, you can consult with the doctor and, if necessary, pass tests, ultrasound examination, including folikulometria. Every day our skilled and experienced doctors are ready to accept visitors with different symptoms and female who have problems connected with their reproductive system, starting from female gender representatives, who are just maturing sexually. Gynecologists will provide high quality examination, diagnosis and will appoint an appropriate treatment based on the results. Our doctor will offer each visitor the best version for the treatment, taking into account the specifics of her body.

We offer the following services of the gynecologist:

• Consultation

• Treatment of the hormonal disorders

• The treatment of different etiologianeri kolpitneri, tservitsitneri, endometriozi diseases

• The installation and the removal of prenatal spiral

• The treatment of the menstrual cycle disorders

• The treatment of the disorders of the reproductive system

• The complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of women's sexual organs

• Drug treatment of the background cervical disease

• Treatment of the viruses (CMV, Herp simplex, PMV)

• Consultation and personal choice of contraceptive

"Sanus Vita" medical center is equipped only with the world-authoritative and leading producers of best equipments, which work with the substances and reagents of the same producers and the latter provide maximum accuracy.

Thanks to that diagnostic equipments it is possible to diagnose diseases accurately in a short period of time. And it will not be necessary to pass tests in other laboratories. The most advanced TOSHIBA Aplio 500 ultrasound system will in time identify potential neoplastic processes of the uterus and the ovary. All the variety of the diagnostic examinations are held in our center to reveal gynecological problems. To apply online

For registration call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website, sending an online application.

Address: Yerevan, Kievyan 16

Preliminary Consultation 5000
Repeated Consultation 3000
Treatment prescription/for couple 5000/10000
Treatment of infections 25000/30000
Treatment of vaginitis and cervicitis of different etiologies 20000
Installation of intrauterine device (spiral) 20000
Removal of intrauterine device (spiral) 6000
Removal of intrauterine spiral with complications 10000
Fertility treatment 80000
Treatment of menstrual cycle disorders 50000
Complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of female sexual organs 60000
Drug treatment of uterine cervical background diseases 20000
Treatment of the viruses (CMV, Herpes simplex, PMV) 25000/30000



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