Dental Surgery

Healthy teeth guarantee the health of the whole organism. In case of having a diseased teeth in your oral cavity, your entire body will be in danger. Problems can emerge with the kidneys, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory system and other organs as well. Therefore, regular dental care is one of the most important preconditions to preserve the health of the organism, and the preventing teeth from every possible diseases. In all this kind of cases "SANUS VITA" medical center`s specialist will help you. If you are looking forward to comfort and caring attitude "SANUS VITA" Medical Center's Dental staff will provide it. Here you can take advantage of having services by experienced, highly skilled professionals. The consultation of the dentist is free, as every man has a right to be informed, especially about his own health.
In our center each visitor is treated with individual attitude. Before dental interference necessary X-ray diagnosis is made just on the spot in the dental surgery. With its size and form it looks like a camera, when applying it dissolve weak rays, which are completely harmless to health.
Thanks to special device in the stomatological room all the dental problems of the visitor become more visible.
The monitor can help the visitor to follow the doctor's actions, to give his approval or interfere with his own proposals.

Before proceeding the dental operations we perform oral cavity sterilization, in order to exclude the penetration of foreign bodies and infections into the visitor`s organism.
Today painful removal and treatment of teeth have remained in the past.
Nowadays, all the dental activities can be performed without pain and further complications.
All the dental interventions are performed without pain in our center.
We offer the following dental services:

• Dentist Consultation
• Therapeutic Dentistry
• Tooth recovery
• Orthopedic dentistry
• Surgical dentistry
• X-ray Diagnosis

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Dentist Consultation Free of charge


Caries, Light filling 6000/10000
Pulpitis, Light filling 10000/15000
Periodontitis Light filling 12000/18000
Anchor Pin Installation ( One point) 3000
Fiberglass pin Installation 5000

Treatment of Parodont Diseases

Gingivitis 10000
Parodontitis 25000
Parodontosis 25000
Stomatitis 15000
Tartar cleaning and Polishing 5000/10000


Tooth extraction 2000/10000
Wisdom tooth extraction 10000/20000
Pericoronaritis 5000
Periostitis 10000
Abscess (Opening) 10000


Removable prostheses
Clasp (Bugel) prosthesis on attachments (per unit) 150/200
Removable prosthesis (per unit) 40000
Removable soft prosthesis ValPlast (per unit) 150/200
Clasp prosthesis on attachments (per unit) 90000
Removable micro prosthesis 25000
Removable soft micro prosthesis (per unit) 65000
Fixed restorations
Molded crown (per unit) 10000
Stamped crown (per unit) 6000
Cast pin (per unit) 5000
Zirconia-ceramic construction (per unit) 90000
Metal-ceramic construction (per unit) 30000/35000
Metal-plastic construction (per unit) 12000/15000


Shot X ray examination (preliminary) 1000
Shot X ray examination (repeated) 500

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