According to “WHO”, more than half of the world`s medical researches are labortorial. Laboratory tests, being objective research are often more sensitive indicators for evaluating the condition of the patient than his own feelings.

There are all the conditions in “Sanus Vita” medical center to get the high precision answers in possibly short period of time and for high-quality researches. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest generation, fully automated equipments, which in the world's practice are known as the best: Roche Diagnostics (Germany), Sysmex (Japan), Diagnostica Stago (France). We use the best quality reagents and other substances during the work. Analyzers are represented as closed systems, which are working exclusively with reagents of «Roche Diagnostics» production. All reagents are stored in specific temperature conditions and periodically undergo control testing. The factor of human's participation in the system work is excluded, that is why there cannot be any kind of mistakes. Except that our patients have additional advantages: short period of time for getting the answers of the analysis, high accuracy, a wide range of tests, which allows to diagnose the disease more accurate and to implement the control of the treatment.

Realizing that the laboratory examinations are developing rapidly, our center is trying to walk along with the development, seeking to expand and to update its database of laboratory.

Now numerous tests are carried out in our laboratory at a professional level: biochemical, clinical, oncological, hormonal, urogenital examinations, diagnosis of infections etc. The fact that our tests are sensitive and specific is proven and indisputable. The implementation of the analysis is controlled during the entire period starting from the moment that biomaterial is taken up to providing the results. The laboratory employed only highly qualified and experienced professionals.

In our medical center we pay much attention to the service level. You have the opportunity also learn about the laboratory services.

You can receive the results of the analysis in hard copy, by fax, or by e-mail.

Biochemical analyzes performed by Roche / Hitachi cobas c 311 automatic system, which provides the speed and accuracy of the analysis.

Immunological tests are carried out with the help of Cobas e 411 analyzer. It is intended for the quantitative and qualitative tests.This analyzer determines infections, oncomarkers, thyroid and reproductive hormones and the levels of insulin and C-peptide in blood, also anrenal hormones: cortizol and ACTH.

Both devices have a great memory and if necessary, we may review the results. To apply online

For registration call +374 (10) 32 01 01 or register through the website, sending an online application.

Address: Yerevan, Kievyan 16


ESR Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate 1000
CBC Complete Blood Count(+ESR) 2500
CBC+Diff Complete Blood Count+Differentil Count(25p.+ESR) 3000
Urinalysis Complete Urinalysis(10param.+sediment.) 3000
PI Prothrombin Index (prothrombin INR) 2000
TT Thrombin Time 2000
FG Fibrinogen 2500
APTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time(APTT) 2000
GLU Glucose (in blood) 1000
GLU-U Glucose (in urine) 1000
PROT-T Total Protein (in blood) 1500
PROT-U Total Protein (in urine) 1500
ALB Albumin (in blood) 2000
MicroALB-U Microalbumin(inurine) 2000
UREA UREA (in blood) 2000
UREA-U UREA (in urine) 2000
BUN-S Blodd Urea Nitrogen (in blood) 2000
CREA Creatinin (in blood) 1000
CREA-U Creatinin (in urine) 1000
CK-MB Creatinine Kinase 4000
BIL-T,D,ID Bilirubin(Total, Direct, Indirect) 3000
TG Triglycerides 2000
CHOL Cholesterol Total 2000
HDL High-density Lipoproteins 1500
LDL Low-density Lipoproteins 3500
GOT Aspartate Aminotransferase 1500
GPT Alanina Aminotransferase 1500
GPT Alanina Aminotransferase 1500
ALP Alkaline Phosphatase 2000
GGT Gamma-glutamyl Transferase 2000
AMYL TotalAmylase 3500
Mg Magnesium 1500
Na+K+Ca++ Sodium, Potassium, Calcium 5000
Ca-T Total Calcium 2000
Ca-U Calcium (in urine) 2000
P Phosphorus 2000
P-U Phosphorus (in urine) 2000
Fe Ferum 2000
UA Uric acid ( in blood ) 2000
UA-U Uric acid (in urine) 2000
RF Rheumatoid Factor (Qualitative) 2000
CRP C-Reactive Protein (Qualitative) 2000
ASO-test Anti-streptolysin-O (Qualitative) 2000
cTnI cardiac Troponin I 5000
AFP Alpha Fetoprotein 7500
CA 125 C. Antigen 125 10000
CA 15-3 C. Antigen15-3 10000
CA 19-9 C. Antigen 19-9 10000
CEA Cancerembryonic Antigen 7000
PSA-free Free Prostate Specific Antigen 7500
PSA-total Total Prostate Specific Antigen 7500
β-hCG βeta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 7500
Testosteron Total Testosteron 6500
LH Luteinizing Hormone 6500
FSH Follicle-Stimulating Hormone 6500
Cortisol Cortisol 6500
Prolactin Prolaction 6500
E2 (Estradiol) Estradiol 7000
PROG. Progesterone 7000
ACTH Adrenocorticotropic Hormone 7500
DHEA-S Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate 7000
TSH Throid-Stimulating Hormone (ТТГ) 6500
T3 Triiodothyronine Total 6500
T4 Trioxin Total 6500
fT4 Trioxin Free 7000
Anti-TG Antibodies to Thyroglobulin 7000
Anti-TPO Antibodies to Thyroid Peroxidase 7000
C-peptide C- peptide 6500
Insulin Insulin 7000
HbA1c Glycosylated Hemoglobin 6000
Urine Analysis according to Nechiporenko 2000
Vaginal Smear Examination 3000
Examination of the Ejaculator 5000
Cervical Cytology 4000
Analysis based on Fungal diseases of the Skin 3000
Analysis based on Fungal diseases of the Nails 3000
Analysis based on Fungal diseases of the Skin and Nails 5000
Demodecosis 3000
Examination of the Eye fungal diseases 3000
Ige Immunoglobulin E 5000
U. Urealyticum Ureaplasma (in the smear) 6500
M.Hominis Mycoplasma (in the smear)) 6500
BRU-AB Brucellosis Qualitative(Rose Bengal) 2000
Toxo IgG Toxoplasma IgG 6000
Toxo IgM Toxoplasma IgM 6000
CMV IgG IgG Antybodies to CMV 6000
CMV IgM IgM Antybodies to CMV 6000
HSV-1 IgG IgG Antybodies to Herpes 1 6000
HSV-2 IgG IgG Antybodies to Herpes 2 6000
Chlamydia Chlamydia (smear, antigen) 6500
Anti-HAV IgM IgM Antybodies of Virus of Hepatitis A 7000
HBsAg II Surface Antigen Virus of Hepatitis B 7000
Anti-HCV II Antybodies of Hepatitis C Virus 10000
HIV Combi PT HIV/ PT combined 10000
RPR Syphilis (agglutination test) 3000

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