Welcome to the official website of  "Sanus Vita"  medical center. Here you can find the necessary information about our center`s activity, the services that we offer, our equipments, doctors and of course you can also find out the latest medical news here. We welcome you in our website and wish you to be healthy.

"Sanus Vita" medical center carries out ambulatory medical care and service. We make it possible for the Armenian population to take the advantage of being examined with the help of modern medical diagnostic equipments, to be served with high standards and restore their health by recieving qualified medical treatment. "Sanus Vita" means "Healthy Life". Our goal is to bring people to a healthy lifestyle and to give them that opportunity with the help of qualified specialists.

"Sanus Vita" medical center is the partner of the major and the most trusted insurance companies of Armenia and the costumers who have medical insurance are privileged to use our service.

Our medical center is supplemented with qualified and experienced specialists, who have flexible way of thinking and are eager to indulge their knowledge constantly.

Starting from the resception we have made all the conditions as conveniences to serve the patients as quickly and with high quality as possible. Everything is set up for arranging effective medical cure.

The center offers a variety of services, ranging from diagnosis, medical consultations, up to treatment of diseases of different complexity. So, while using the medical services of our clinic a patient has the opportunity to be examined properly just on the spot and to pass laboratory tests for diagnosing existing diseases. After the latter can recover his health with the help of our specialists.

This is very important, because for determining the main cause of the disease, sometimes you need to get diagnostic tests in one center, but to be cured in another clinic, this fact takes additional time and it causes troubles.

"Sanus Vita" medical center is equipped only with the world-authoritative and leading producers of best equipments, which work with the substances and reagents of the same producers and the latter provide maximum accuracy. Thanks to that diagnostic equipments it is possible to diagnose diseases accurately in a short period of time. And it will not be necessary to pass tests in other laboratories. The laboratory studies are carried out with the help of following equipments: Roche Diagnostics, Sysmex and Diagnostica Stago. The latter allow to carry out specialized researches in a short period of time with maximum efficiency and unmistakable.

The ultrasound examination is performed using TOSHIBA Aplio 500 diagnostic system. It is equipped with innovative technologies of visualization. Aplipure, Aplipure+, Diff.THI, Precision Imaging diagnostic methods enable to obtain the clear image of internal organs, not taking into considiration the fact of specific body characteristics and peculiarities of the visitor and regardless the depth of deployment of his organs. Toshiba Aplio 500 has special programs. One of that applications is Elastografia: analyzing the elasticity of organs and tissues, Micropure: gives the opportunity to visualize микрокалцинаты. The system is also equipped with wider opportunities of doplerografia and innovative technologies for heart examination. "Sanus Vita" works with global innovative standards and is aspiring to keep up moving forward with developing technologies. This fact facilitates and makes the work of the professionals incomparably productive. We have created a secure data base, where we are collecting and preserving the information about health condition of our visitor. History of the diseases, visits to the doctors, the diagnosis of the doctors and their methods of treatment everything is collected in our data base, so we exclude the possibility of their loss. All the cabinets of our medical center are equipped with general informational system, this fact gives the opportunity to our specialists to find from the database medical information about our visitor, both the previous and new and to compare them and to check the effectiveness of appointments, if necessary make new appointments.



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